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Mgcash Media partners with advertisers from all over the world to monetize international traffic using our highly optimized rotator links and exclusive campaigns. With coverage across 180+ countries and all devices, Mgcash is the best solution for monetizing your mobile and web inventory.

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Our Super Url rotator is a

Monetize Pictures and Videos with Mgcash Media & Blur Content Locker

bluredThere are quite many ways of making money in the Internet, but working via the worldwide network requires permanent development and presence of fresh ideas. Blur Content Locker is a wonderful tool produced by Mgcash Media, which would help to get money for the content the visitors of your page become interested in.

The main idea of the Blur Content Locker widget is to let the person who is looking through the content of your page get curious about the following information, which would encou Read More...

How to Add Content Locking to Traffic and Content Monetization



Once you notice that the profit generated via traffic monetization is reduced, this means that you keep using similar outdated solutions, and it’s a huge mistake. Of course, it’s still possible to generate some revenue from such marketing methods as effective banners, in-text ads and others.

The main problem is that they are limited in terms of their flexibility and relevance degrees to the content of your website. Besides, keep in mind that consumers distract in standard marketing, such as using banner ads, Read More...

URL Shrinker from Mgcash – Best URL Shortener & Link Monetization Platform to Earn Money

Hi guys,

Mgcash Team want to introduce you our new tool – URL Shrinker!

The No.1 Link Shortening Tool for Affiliates & Marketers. Monetize every single link you share. You can now monetize traffic coming from your website, blogs, social profiles, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, printed flyer, emails, sms and more.

We will turn your links into earning ones by adding an ad layer. Unlike other link shortners – at we do not pay our users a fixed CPM, rather – we provide our users with 90% Revenue Share split on their own traffic performance!

Share your links anywhere and get paid for every lead generated from your traffic.

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Cultivate Your SoundCloud Fanbase: Use Follow to Download Tool

Follow To DownloadYour music distribution strategy will consist of several components working in sync. We are here to make one of these – social media following – especially effective. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a developing record label, with our new Follow to Download feature you will receive quick and inevitably tangible results.

Meet the feature that will start leveraging your social media channels immediately, the tool that will turn all your fans into avid SoundCloud followers within the shortest time frame, the one that wil Read More...


soundcloud monetize

What is Mgcash and how can we help you make money on SoundCloud?

The first thing you need to know is that Mgcash  Media provides monetization solutions for content owners, artists and labels, musicians and DJs. Mgcash Media Platform gives you the tools and services to sell your music online, worldwide.

Mgcash is an efficient, simple, and cost-effective solution

Part 1 : How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos



As of today, you can monetize your songs and content across YouTube by using the Mgcash Media platform, easily and fast, while receiving 90% of any revenue collected from advertisers. This makes our process the best and free solution for YouTube monetization.


– Easily integrate our Content Locker and Link Locker solutions into your Youtube account  < Read More...

Top 5 Site Success Strategies

Top 5 Site Success Strategies


If you wish to earn money online, you’ve got to present your content: affiliate websites, including the majority of sites as well as weblogs, depending seriously on content material marketing and advertising, distribution, and product sales. This article serves the two principal requirements of marketing and advertising as well as monetization – and often both simultaneously.

Several online marketers want to get right in, generate an information product or ser Read More...

MGCash Content Blur Locker to improve your online earnings – The Road to your Success

Learn how MGCash Content Blur increase your revenue

MGCash Content Blur not only increases your earning, but it also promotes your content. Read below to see why you need this to taste success!blur locker

Content locking is the key to earning unlimited revenues. If you want to explode your earning, blurring your content is the easie Read More...