What is a Link locker?

Earn Money with Your Links

Link Locking

How do you make money locking links? What does a link locker do and how does it work?  These are great questions and we are here to answer them for you.

Link Locking is a simple and effective form of content locking. Link locking affiliates need only find interesting content  that they feel others may want access to. No one will be able to access your link until they make you money. Our link lockers are self hosted so you don’t need to have a webserver or domain of any type!


Mgcash has created a Revolutionary Link Locker that can be used to protect your downloads, files, links, products, apps, and any other content you have available. They do surveys, you earn $$$ and the content unlocks! Earn money from every visitor in every country by locking your downloads with Mgcash Link Locker. Mgcash.com provides a host of unique tools and benefits that allow link locking affiliates to generate super high earning and converting landing pages.


You lock your links with our  link locker, choose one of our several mirror domains to host your link, and start monetizing your content by posting your links on various blogs , websites and forums. Share your download links on vimeo , youtube and other social media websites and watch your earnings grow!


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