Driving Traffic to Cpa Offers with BingAds.

Top tips on getting the cheapest Bing PPC traffic

Bing is one of the leading search engines released by Microsoft. Currently, Bing is ranked 2nd on the list of the most popular search websites by the amount of traffic volume. Many users adore the following advantages of the search engine. It is a review of the search results on one page (instead of scrolling through multiple pages of search results), as well as dynamically adjusting the amount of information displayed for each search result, built-in word search in Microsoft Word, etc.

Bing is number one search opponent to Google. Since the end of 2016, Microsoft has finally managed to reach almost 22% of the search market share. It means they have found the right path. Let us have a closer look at what it keeps on happening.

Advantages of Bing over Google

Cheap traffic is one of the greatest advantages of Bing. The search engine has several other dominant benefits over Google. That is why more and more users have started to switch to Bing.

The core advantages of Bing:

  • Bing gives every user an option of including specific demographic targeting in both paid and organic search. Google doesn’t offer such a possibility. Therefore, Bing allows setting age and gender for your search results (for MSN users generally);
  • Advertising with Bing is cheaper because Bing covers a smaller audience. The principle of its work is the same as that of AdWords. However, fewer people use Bing, which naturally diminishes ads prices;
  • Bing offers more efficient targeting options for desktop and mobile devices. Bing has implemented granular targeting depending on the type of device. It also includes tablets in a separate category;
  • Every user has an option of adjusting personal proposal for tablet traffic separately;
  • Bing offers more advertising scheduling features;
  • The search engine allows fastening the option for including close keywords variants, or excluding them according to your desire;
  • When it comes to targeting within own search partner net, Bing is much more transparent. (Google doesn’t show any partner engines with your ads). Instead, Bing offers an option of selecting advertisements from the list of search networks;
  • Unlike Google, Bing is much more available for small businesses. Bing works personally with a client if he/she is ready to spend about $500/month.

Driving traffic to a CPA offer

Driving ads traffic to a CPA offer is almost the same process as driving traffic to any site. Additionally, you are free to receive traffic from the usual white and black hat sources. Please note that the quality of that traffic will directly influence your final conversion rate.

There is one particular thing with CPA. It should always be kept in mind that CPA offers often specify only one type of traffic. For instance, if your offer determines banner advertisement traffic, and you make use of the offer link in your text advertisement, none of your referrals will be calculated for payment. While doing this, your actions are considered to break the offer terms, and, therefore, you will earn nothing.

Ready to use Bing?

Everyone who desires to switch to a different search engine wants to realize at once how to reduce costs. Bing is much smaller service than Google. It means its prices are already lower. However, there are some tools to help you to diminish your operating costs for advertising with Bing.

To reduce costs while using any search engine, you can quickly change the following parameters:

  • Your copy to both attract and impress your target audience;
  • Demographic targeting to receive low-priced viewers;
  • Your target keywords to find less competitive keywords.

Let’s look at this in details!

Top tips on getting cheap traffic while advertising with Bing

Advertising with Bing offers various targeting options. There are several working methods on how to optimize them to receive more affordable ads efficiently.

·       Geographic targeting

Every advertiser should always be watchful with geographic targeting. It’s effortless to get cheap clicks if you want to advertise your products or services in such low-prices locations as India, Iraq, or Pakistan. However, such traffic will not be useful for you, because the purchasing power in mentioned countries is incredibly low.

Conversely, if you decide to put your ads for the United States audience only, it will be a very expensive pleasure. Therefore, if you need to get cheaper clicks, you should make more prominent geographic targeting to take account of some other countries where your products can be sold successfully. For example, if you produce digital products, you just need to increase the number of English-speaking locations. Such countries as Canada, Australia, and the UK will be a good choice. As a result, you will get cheaper traffic.

·       Time targeting

Do not forget about an attractive option of targeting your advertisements according to on the particular time and the day. Preferably, you need to know the best time for will posting your ads. Analyze your monthly traffic to see if the usual times show either better or worse results than you had before. Therefore, find the ideal time and day to get cheaper advertisements. The ads price will remain the same. However, your ads will get more effect. All in all, you will receive more earnings for the same amount of money.

·       Demographic targeting

Bing analytics demonstrates that if you narrow your possible demographic targeting, it will undoubtedly either lower or raise prices for ads depending on the audience value. For example, if some companies in your keyword niche keep on contending for same middle-age female demographic, you will definitely start to lose money. Study analytics watchfully to know your audience better. Broader targeting can help to save costs. However, it will take away the effect of your ads. Thus, you need to stabilize your need for effective advertisements with your demand for lower prices.

·       Device targeting

It is a beneficial option for those companies who specifically target mobile users. Additionally, device targeting will be successful if you sell a particular application for tablets only. In this case, you just need to select the necessary device to target and block the others. You will see the positive results the same day.

·       Retargeting

The retargeting audience is always low competition and cheap because it is not shared with any other companies who advertise their services. Use it whenever you have such a possibility.

Changing copy

Your copy must rotate around all keywords you use. It means you must always be aware of what keywords will be the chief focus of your advertisements:

  • What do you want to sell?
  • What is the key goal of your ads?
  • What type of audience is involved?

The closer the match between the focus keyword and the keyword query of your copy is the more conversions and clicks from those advertisements you will finally receive.

The trouble is that your copy will not directly affect your cost. It will affect your earnings. In principle, the better the copy, the more clicks (more costs) you will get. On the other hand, better copy guarantees more conversions. Thus, more conversions give more income. So, you can cover those costs easier.

Advertisement style

You copy must be targeted to your industry style. You needn’t a casual advertisement you’re your position your service or product towards either high-level business people or CEOs. Moreover, you need to keep in mind the product or service buying cycle that most consumers experience.

  • Your potential clients look for the particular solution to their problems. They even do not know about your company. They have never heard your name. So, it is high time for you to start using advertisements directed to brand discovery and the product itself.
  • When consumers are more oriented to buying some manufactured goods which corresponds their needs and expectations, they start to search for all possible additional information and online reviews. Therefore, you should place your advertisement on various informational pages which directly link to landing pages.
  • When consumers have ultimately chosen what they want to buy, they start looking for more detailed info. If you can propose such advertisements to the people of this type (retargeting audience), they will undoubtedly bring you a more significant conversion rate.

Advertisement analysis

To get perfect results you always need to analyze your advertisement. Does it work or not? Is it effective? Analytics will help. Keep on running your ads for a week, for example. Then, count the following parameters:

  • The number of clicks you received;
  • The number of conversions;
  • The total number of views;
  • The derived metrics.

Then you need to count up the cost per conversion, the conversion rate, and the CPC. When you finally see, which advertisements have more advantageous metrics, you should directly focus on them. Improve them, if it is possible, and run them again. After you have made four weekly ads analyses, you will have the clear picture of what happens with your ads, and whether they are profitable.

Changing keywords

Speaking of keywords for your Bing advertisement, there are two fundamental approaches. The former is the carefully chosen list. The latter is a so-called “try whatever you can” method.

Some SEO specialists often prefer the scattershot approach. To compose a list of hundreds of search words, they merely use the fundamental keyword research tools. Then they select 50-70 keywords for their ads and start working with them. As a result, they get cheap traffic but have almost no essential info about the overall effectiveness of this traffic.

This method is not that bad. You need to make up a list of 100-150 long keywords. Keep in mind that your selected keywords must have a minimum thousand searches every month. It will be your chief list. Use the keywords from the base list while creating your advertisements. Run them.

Bing keyword tool

Many SEO specialists have already got accustomed to using an exclusive Bing Keyword Tool. It resembles SEMRush and Google keyword planner very much.

Bing has implemented more difficult tips for composing a keyword list. With Bing Keyword Tool, you start by researching the necessary keywords for your future ads through Bing tool.

How does it work?

  • You need to enter a primary keyword;
  • Choose the necessary setting according to your preferences;
  • The system begins generating all matching keywords;
  • You will be shown all match types and the first-page bid;
  • Find keywords with the most traffic amount that have a reasonable amount of traffic;
  • Use the received list of keywords while creating your ads.

So, Bing Keyword Tool also allows receiving a prospective list of keywords which will help to cheap your traffic and get more earnings.

Additionally, everyone wants to filter the base keyword list for mistakes and inaccuracies. If you have plenty of keywords that perceive your keyword phrase as the part of either unrelated or longer sentence, you need to add that irrelevant phrase to the negative keywords section. It will block your advertisement from appearing there.

Consider the following example. If your keyword is “kitchen shoes,” “kitchen” can appear in “kitchen furniture” and “kitchen dish” results. When you place “furniture” and “dish” to the negative keywords list, your advertisement will not be visible to people who search for kitchen dishes and furniture.

Please also keep in mind, that you would better set comparatively low bid quantities. Bing always tries to charge higher prices for ads with high bids.

To sum up

Now you know some practical ways of how to get cheap traffic when placing your ads on Bing. To get more earnings from your ads, do your best to use more precise keywords, matching and correct landing pages to your copy. Choose the keywords, geographic and time targeting, and all other mentioned tools to raise your quality score. Strive to uphold your quality score as much as possible, because it will give you more revenues.