How to Monetize Your Unused Parked Domains with Mgcash Media

It’s an inevitable fact that at some point in your internet marketing career, you’re going to amass a whole bunch of domains that will simply sit idle with no content on them while you figure out what to do with them. The way to avoid that is by not purchasing domains until you actually have a plan for them but in case that ship has already sailed and you find yourself wondering what to do with all the domains you have parked in your hosting account, you’ll be glad to know that you can make a pretty decent amount of money off them with two handy tools from Mgcash Media: Super URL and Display Ads.

The Super URL and the Display Ads tools are secret weapons that transform parked domains into money making machines when utilized correctly. There are technically two types of domains parked by internet marketers, one is a domain waiting to be developed and the other is an expired domain bought for the sole purpose of making money off its existing traffic. The two tools mentioned above work well with both types of domains. The Super URL is a turbo charged global traffic monetization tool that automatically redirects visitors to the best converting offer. That means that regardless of which country your visitor comes from, they’ll be matched up to a high converting offer relevant to them which means more money in the bank for you.

If the Super URL is turbo charged, then Display Ads are what take money making with parked domains to a whole new level because offers eight different ways to display earns on your parked domains and all of them have been tested time and time again to ensure that they deliver above expectations. Internet marketers can opt to utilize pop up ads, top banner ads or footer ads or alternatively choose to rotate various ad offers in a banner rotator. Interstitial ads, overlay ads and side in ads are very effective in capturing a visitor’s attention and since cell phone usage is on the increase, utilize the mobile pop up widget to serve up ads to mobile visitors.

The number of ways you can turn your parked domain into a cash vault are endless and Mgcash Media is the best domain parking service because it has a large inventory of offers and one of the highest CPA rates in the industry. We’ve partnered with some of the best companies which means we offer top exclusive offers that can convert all across the globe. In addition to our large inventory of high converting CPA ads, we offer bi weekly payments with a very low and easily attainable cash out minimum. Additionally, we have a very competitive referral system that ensures a lifetime referral commission of 5% from every single referred marketer. To top it all off, with, you can expect the highest level of transparency as well as 24 hour support, 7 days a week!