Why Mgcash is One of the Top 10 Affiliate Networks of 2016

When studying affiliate marketing trends for 2016, the one question that most affiliate marketers seek to answer is what the top 10 affiliate networks are for 2016. The answer varies from content creator to creator but here’s why Mgcash is without a single doubt one of the best affiliate marketing programs of the year and why it should definitely be part of your revenue portfolio.

Mgcash.com has an arsenal of highly innovative marketing tools that webmasters can use to effectively monetize their web and mobile traffic. These tools include but aren’t limited to the content locker which is completely customizable and generates cash for each user who wants access to premium content, the URL shrinker which makes it possible for webmasters to monetize every single link shared on various platforms, the pre-hosted landing pages which allow webmasters to start making cash without any extra effort beyond setting up the pre-made pages, mobile content locker and mobile popup which enable webmasters to easily monetize mobile traffic regardless of platform  and the Super URL which is a global monetization tool that redirects your traffic to the best converting offer. These are just five of the ten tools available to content creators to help them make the most revenue from their traffic.

Money making tools aside, Mgcash also wins hands down when it comes to delivering a memorable publisher experience by not only offering the highest level of service with unprecedented 24/7 support for affiliates but by also offering publishers free exclusive marketing tips that allow them to generate even more revenue from their traffic. In addition to money generating tips, this is also one of the few affiliate programs that has a high approval rate and offers performance bonuses.

Bonuses are so much sweeter if they can be cashed out and Mgcash makes that easy and painless by offering bi-weekly payment with a very low and easily achievable minimum payment of just fifty dollars. Payments are sent out every fifteen days and affiliates are able to choose how to get their money via five methods. Also worth noting is the fact that this is one of the few cost per action companies that offers lifetime referral commissions – 5% to be specific, for life. Our company has worked hard to build relationships with advertisers which means affiliates get not just the top exclusive offers on the web but also exclusive international campaigns spanning over 180 countries which equals to more money earned.

Mgcash is not just one of the best affiliate programs for 2016 but its also the best content locking network that actually helps content creators make the most revenue by painstakingly showing how content locking works and how to use it to unlock a potential revenue stream most webmasters have never considered. This level of dedication to helping webmasters make the most money with and from their traffic along with all the multiple marketing tools provided means Mgcash is quickly moving up the ranks as one of the most trusted and one of the best CPA networks.