How to Monetize Pinterest with MGCash

 Monetize Pinterest

So you’ve set up your Pinterest page, amassed a huge number of followers and set up a whole bunch of attractive boards that get repinned a lot but you’re still not making a single cent off your traffic and you want to change that ASAP. The good news is that it’s possible to monetize your Pinterest traffic despite the current ban on all affiliate links by Pinterest. We here at have the perfect tools you can utilize to make money on Pinterest while still delivering good quality content to your fans. These tools include the content locker, the link locker, the URL shrinker and the Super URL.

Your content is valuable and as such, you must be compensated for the time investment it takes to gather it, package it and deliver it to your readers. This content can be as simple as an e-book full of crock pot recipes or tips and tricks for stay at home moms to make extra money at home. Whatever your content is about, you can monetize it by using two valuable tools:

A)Content Locker – this tool acts as a buffer between the reader and your premium content. The user visits your site and reads a portion of your article and they then have the option of getting access to the really good content as long as they first view and sign up for the ad offers you present to them. The ads are optimized to target your audience.

B)Link Locker works exactly like content locker except it’s geared toward links, specifically download links. Say for example you’re giving away a free e-book on your Pinterest page, this particular tool would come in handy because it would allow you to make money off your freebies offer. This is a win-win situation for you and your reader.

Speaking of links, the general myth is there is no money to be made from posting links but has two gems that can turn your links and clicks into cash. These two tools have been tested on Pinterest and they have worked to perfection every single time. They’re suitable for blogs, forums, newsletters and regular websites too but they work especially well with Pinterest and they’re:

C) The URL Shrinker which shortens links and redirects readers to a page with ads before granting them access to your content. When a reader clicks on your pin, they land on a page with ads relevant to your content before moving on to your content. This then allows you to monetize every single click from Pinterest.

D) The Super URL is your best bet if you want to make the most cash because it automatically redirects your traffic to the best converting offer which means more cash for you. This particular tool works well with traffic from all over the globe as well as all kinds of content.

The four examples above are just some of the ways you can monetize Pinterest with tools from and if none of the four seems to fit into your vision of Pinterest monetization, perhaps utilizing pre-hosted landing pages is the more appealing route for you. This is ideal because it requires virtually no effort on your part since the landing pages are built and hosted for you so all you have to do is direct traffic from your pins to the pre-made landing pages and get paid! All these tools are being used by Pinterest users with great success and now it’s time for you to jump on board and start making money from your pins too!