The dilemma facing most content creators is how to turn clicks into cash. They want to stay authentic in their content delivery but also make money without bombarding their audience with an avalanche of ads that may turn them off. Walking that fine line often means loss of income to some but not to the savvy content creators who have discovered’s URL Shrinker. This is hands down the single best tool to utilize if you want to make some extra money from your links.

For starters the URL Shrinker is a very simple and straight forward tool that does exactly what its name suggests. It turns your plain links into money makers by adding an ad layer that your visitors see when they click on your links. This added layer contains ads that are relevant to your niche and traffic and every single lead generated from your traffic means money in the bank for you.

If you run a website this is the ideal tool to have in your webmaster arsenal of tools to monetize all your outgoing traffic because it’s perfect for monetizing outgoing links inserted into blog posts or in newsletters and it even works really well in forums where it can be used in your comment links and as part of your signature. That’s right, you finally have a way of making money off your forum signature.

Social media is yet another avenue where you can put the URL shortener to work for you by plugging it into your status updates which means Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest monetization is no longer reserved for the rich and famous with millions of followers. You too can stuff your wallet with dollar bills by engaging with your followers through interesting content that’s accessible by following a link embedded with a targeted ad offer from

A major advantage of using this URL shortener to monetize your traffic is the fact that while most link shortener services pay a fixed CPM for your traffic, pays on a revshare basis. Content creators get paid a whopping 90% per lead and there is no limit to how much money you can make by utilizing this particular tool! In fact how much you make depends on the quality and quantity of your traffic. The more qualified leads you send, the more money you make. The sky really is the limit when it comes to how much money you can make by using the URL Shrinker and since it costs absolutely nothing to use, everything earned is 100% pure profit for you.

Additionally, the URL Shrinker works with mobile content too so you can still make money even when your audience takes your content on the go so utilize this particular tool in outgoing links on your website or for links in your newsletter or social media posts and even use it for links in your comments online to maximize exposure which translates into leads which then translate into cash for you!