Instagress Automation Software to Flood Your Prelanders with More Instagram Traffic

Automate Your Instagram Activity
Social networks serve one of the most reliable ways to promote various CPA offers. The vast majority of Mgcash affiliates defer to it and, fortunately, they succeed enormously. There are several reasons why this simple marketing tactic is so appreciated and convenient; specifically an easy access and simplicity of social networks use, not to mention a multitude of built-in features that entirely utilize their marketing potential. Previously we have discussed the advantages of Instagram Shoutouts that help promote various Mgcash CPA offers, including feebies, pin submits , mobile apps and games. This time, we would like to present automated Instagram promotion to you. Surely, if you have not heard about it or even used it yet, you can apply to it in case you have any of fitness, beauty or health sites. The technique is very convenient and the increase of the flow of visitors is significant.

Assumingly, you have already created an Instagram account and it is even filled with diverse authentic content, interesting posts and links to your prelanders. Besides, you have a definite number of followers, though you are still looking for any methods to enlarge the potential customer audience. Once you want to do it manually, you will have to make much effort to comment on thousands of videos and photos, decide if their owners can be interested in your offer and do everything possible and impossible to attract their attention and make them subscribe to your account, or, at least, look through it. Instagress is an innovative service, which will do everything for you. The platform features fast search of like-minded people and leads them to your account.

To be more specific, Instagress serves as a bot software, which searches for content similar to the one you’ve set. If the software finds a suitable video or image, it performs a specific action (comments, likes or follows the current account). The owner of the account notices the comment posted or the like and gets back to your page. During this stage, it is the task of your content to attract such visitors, make them follow your account or proceed straight to your prelander.

To help you understand the scheme, let’s go through the whole process of Instagress account setting up.

First of all, when you go to Instagress website and want to create an account there, you will have to activate the Instagram account you would like to promote.



Then, in the Activity section, you can specify the action you want the bot to make: either comment, like, follow or unfollow.

The service offers 3 days of free use, for the customer to check the functionality of the program. The counter will appear in the left upper corner, showing you the automation time left. Keep in mind that the trial time is 72 hours that allows you to use Instagress for 24 days (running the service for just 3 hours a day).

Browse the Main Settings section to find filters for choosing appropriate content. The main advantage of Instagress is an opportunity to achieve a high customization level and target a quite narrow users’ category, including even the geo targeting option. Such function provides you with a chance to find clients for international offers, provided at Mgcash CPA network.

To avoid commenting and liking old posts, select the newest media age and set the Media source to “Tags” The field of Media type will let you choose between videos and images. Such filters as Minimum and maximum likes refer to the quantity of other users who liked the video or image. It means that if you place minimum 20 likes and maximum 50, the bot will like only those images that already have between 20 and 50 likes. Keep in mind that the fewer likes a video or an image has, the higher your chances are that its owner will notice the one you put and trace back to your page. Another thing we recommend is to set the “slow” activity speed, as it will eliminate your chances of being penalized for bulk activities.

Tick the Don’t comment same users in the Comments section to prevent duplications. Then, you will need to write an appropriate text. General phrases like “Nice one”, “Good job” and “Love it” work the best. A single comment has its limits: 1 URL, 4 hashtags and 300 characters.

Here are the sections where you can set parameters either to follow or unfollow users, which are completely up to you.
The moment you finish with the previous settings, specify the hashtags for the bot to search for. Ensure they suit your aims and are not to be misleading. Once you want to promote Mgcash freebies CPA offers, mention such hashtags as #health, #freebies, #diet, etc.
Fill in the corresponding fields, if you have chosen certain users or locations as your media source.
Auto-setting is the last section to care for. Here you will set the biggest quantity of comments, likes and follows to perform.
Instagress is a unique program that works without your control: you don’t have to download the app or install it – just open your browser and use the service right from the website. The tricky part about the process is that Instagram takes much effort to detect all bot-like activities and stop them. That is why careful and cautious setting of the filters to target the users that can be interested in the products you offer are essential. Set the “slow” speed and specify moderate activity limits to avoid penalization.
It is vital to remind you that Instagram tools will work out only if case you have an exclusive profile that has already gained some organic followers and contains engaging posts. Despite Instagress will attract customers’ attention to your account, it is up to you to make your offer attractive.
Enhancing the quantity of profiles working with Instagress is a dependable way to boost traffic. Nevertheless, you will still have to add various sets of comments and hashtags to make sure they appeal to diverse user categories.
Generally, all the social networks are filled with ultimate marketing tools that are used by our affiliates with an enormous degree of success. The abundance of instruments and channels has made the promotion of different CPA offers a piece of cake. Just join us and you will see how beneficial it is to be an affiliate of

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