Monetize Pictures and Videos with Mgcash Media & Blur Content Locker

bluredThere are quite many ways of making money in the Internet, but working via the worldwide network requires permanent development and presence of fresh ideas. Blur Content Locker is a wonderful tool produced by Mgcash Media, which would help to get money for the content the visitors of your page become interested in.

The main idea of the Blur Content Locker widget is to let the person who is looking through the content of your page get curious about the following information, which would encourage him/her to complete a surveys, install apps or download sponsored software. The user has to complete the offer and get an access to the content. It’s obvious that survey data are important for advertisers. We also offer good revenue to those content holders who use Mgcash widgets, so you can have an access to some more monetization options. You can monetize your content and add a gateway based on multiple factors: country, EPC, etc. Comparing with money for surveys, direct payments are not as effective, which is explained by viewers’ unwillingness to pay for information only. Thus, surveys are a special feature of the widget which makes you Mgcash Media partner and gives you an opportunity to make good profit.

It may be applied to images, pieces of text and videos, depending on what content you suppose to be the most valuable. This widget locks the chosen part of the page and makes it blurred,

so that it can’t be seen properly. However, a visitor may click an “eye” button, which makes it possible to see a limited area of the locked content. This function helps to avoid cheating

with the help of the widget, which both keeps your client’s money safe and represents you as a reliable content owner. The popup windows of the widget help to make payment process easy and clear, which attracts visitors and turns them into permanent clients.