Cultivate Your SoundCloud Fanbase: Use Follow to Download Tool

Follow To DownloadYour music distribution strategy will consist of several components working in sync. We are here to make one of these – social media following – especially effective. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a developing record label, with our new Follow to Download feature you will receive quick and inevitably tangible results.

Meet the feature that will start leveraging your social media channels immediately, the tool that will turn all your fans into avid SoundCloud followers within the shortest time frame, the one that will eventually build a solid fanbase to be proud of. No mandatory paid upgrading or any other paid plan, but instead unlimited fangate and a fully customizable real-time campaign launched the very minute your accounts on SoundCloud, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify are connected.

Start empowering your social media reach creating a FREE account and building your first social media following page. While your fans press Follow to Download, SoundCloud tracks you’ve created – those unique and exclusive masterpieces – will be available for free download. The two-step download method we provide will turn your tracks into, let’s call it, a genuine fan generating machine. Isn’t that a target to aim at?

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