MGCash Content Blur Locker to improve your online earnings – The Road to your Success

Learn how MGCash Content Blur increase your revenue

MGCash Content Blur not only increases your earning, but it also promotes your content. Read below to see why you need this to taste success!blur locker

Content locking is the key to earning unlimited revenues. If you want to explode your earning, blurring your content is the easiest way. This is a simple and powerful way of generating extra income from your content. As content locking works for almost anything, make sure you are getting the most out of this opportunity.

Make more money by giving your visitors simple tasks. Yes, blur your content with MGCash Content Blur and watch your earnings rocketing to the sky. The MGCash Content Blur helps for increasing your revenue by letting the visitors share your content online to view it. It also provides other tasks as click through or captcha in order to unlock the content. This tool rewards your visitors by unlocking the content after your visitors have fulfilled its requirements. It doesn`t matter how much you are making with your website, nothing in the world is perfect. So, there is always room for improvement. Speaking of growth, with this locking tool you can develop your marketing strategy while increasing your revenue. Automate your work with MGCash blur locking tool and stop wasting your time searching for new marketing tactics. While using this tool, you not only improve your revenues as you are also promoting your content. Read below to learn how MGCash Content Blur locker can bloom your business.

How does it work?

Install the MGCash Content Blur Tool on your website or Social page content you want to blur. Blur the content and your visitors will unlock it after performing certain required actions. With this blur tool, you can hide anything you want such as written content, images and much more.

When your visitor will complete the required action, this blur tool will increase online engagement. It does so by rewarding the user after they complete the requirement action. It is a designed as effective marketing technique to improve your online participation. MGCash, in order to increase your website’s traffic, created this marketing tool. If you would like to further increase your website`s traffic, read below to see how this tool can help you make more money.


Below we are unveiling the fantastic features of MGCash Content Blur:

Easy Installation: You don`t have to be a master in order to install MGCash blur locker. Just buy this tool and follow easy instructions to get yourself on the go.

Unlimited Lockers: Just install this locking tool and enjoy locking on your website and social media account. Just read the instructions before your install.

Booster Offerings: Do you want some extra attention for your online business? The MGCash Content Blur will help you improving your visibility.

Unique Lockers: You will establish full control over this locker`s setting and design. There are a number of different settings you will get to choose from.

Friendly Interface: This Content blur comes with simple yet powerful user interface. You will not find any problems with using your blocker.

Advanced Features: Blur your content like a pro with MGCash Content Blur. Enjoy detail reports of your traffic with conversation statistics.

Customizable Options: This includes changing the settings of advanced behavior, setting direct URL with Redirect URL, use tracking ID and variables to execute your business ideas.

Blur your Content to Make Money

Making money online with MGCash Content Blur is quickest way to furnish your business. Different CPA methods are available today, but Blurring is considered the best as it is not strict and lightweight. It gives the glimpse of the content before visitors unlock it. Speaking of making money by using this application, below we provide you prolific ways you can earn a living with this tool.


Written Content

The Backbone of almost everything online! Written content covers every single aspect of online business. So don`t miss it! Find informative and highly targeted content online, share it, post it or link it, just make sure you advertise the hell out of it. As you start building a traffic flow, implement the use of MGCash Content Blur and earn money from your content.

You can use this money making tool on your blog, social media page or account. If you can, you can link key players such as wiki to your website and use the blur when this link loads. It will also increase your overall revenue.



Free Images are Graphics offered on numerous Forums in exchange of incentive offers. If you want, you can make money on this Gateway with MGCash Content Blur. Find a website with lots of attractive Graphics or images on it, get the content blur app on your line which won`t give a user an access unless they complete your demands.

You can use this application on Pinterest and Instagram as well. Make your account on several websites, Attractive graphics and use this blur application to enjoy a prolific income stream. blur locker image

Entertainment Videos

There is a lot that can be done in this option. Every week, new movies and songs are releasing. Audiences are crazy for everything about it. Yes, audience not only pays for the money itself but its cast and genre. In short, everyone is making money off this so why can`t you. Capitalize this business opportunity and watch your earnings multiplying. Just as the video is about to be played, use your blur tool and enjoy earning.


Instructional Videos

In addition to entertaining your audience, you can also make a living by educating them. Yes, Tutorial, instructional and how-to videos are almost as much in demand as the entertainment one. Find the informative and helpful videos, embed them into your website and blur them as soon as they are about to be played.



Templates are not only limited to web site design. You can also consider adding resume templates, Letter templates, Card Templates and much more. Offer your visitors useful models for their work and use this blur application to make the best out of this opportunity.


Cheats and Codes

Making money off gamers is always lucrative. As there is always a lot of traffic for online gaming, a website that is dedicated to working cheats of favorite game is nothing less than a gold mine. Make a forum or website containing relevant information about gameplay. Information such as Cheats, Hacks, Walkthrough and, etc., as the information loads, put MGCash Content Blur, and you can make some extra scratch on your website.