Incentive Traffic Booming

site-smallIncentive Traffic Booming

Keeping up with the latest trends is absolutely crucial in digital marketing field, as progress is driven by innovations, brand-new methods and approaches. Virtually any business model that offers more competitive pricing at a still high level of service is doomed to success. In CPA marketing realm, incentive traffic, driven by virtual currency rewards, content gateways and unlocking, social activities and etc. is oftentimes underestimated, though it is a triple A instrument for connecting customers with businesses.

Thus, myriads of online enterprises have managed to derive considerable benefits from incentive traffic (e.g. achieved sales boosts or pumped up the customer base). It would seem that providing an average gamer with an opportunity to take advantage of extra stuff is a run-of-the-mill affair, but in fact it is a hook that keeps the interest burning, enabling an advertiser to at least enhance the database.


Content locking

Encouraging the user to complete some action for unlocking the desired piece of content, the locking branch is gaining momentum steadily and confidently. The method has established itself in a download sphere, as millions of online surfers are searching the web for software, PDF files and tones of other stuff. With plenty of tools for link locking or flash locking, the future of the technique is quite promising.

We’ve prepared a brief overview of the method with a bunch of description on instruments implanted in a variety of projects (with particular examples).

Virtual currencies

The example of Zygna confirms the efficiency of virtual currencies: the company has managed to achieve significant profits with Farmville, a free to play project, and philistines have puzzled their brains about how could the team achieve such sky-high results. The secret partly lies in virtual currencies: the developers integrated interactive mini-games based on completing an action (to make advertisers happy) in order to restore health points in crucial moments. A tiny and far from being promising feature contributed to outstanding results, contributing to emergence of a brand-new monetization branch.

Locking & Gateways

Perhaps, the only content locking aspect in limbo to mention is the cost – compliancy ratio. As for the rest, the method is gaining popularity step by step (recollecting the events of 2011 or 2012, needles to say the method was far from acquiring a green status). The growth is fueled by mutual interest in the end result: website owners received another effective making instrument, and advertisers discovered a huge power with dozens of promising opportunities.

Social incentives

As social media marketing is booming due to fan pages and viral stuff, take advantage of social incentives to enhance your user database and boost income. The type of a social incentive is limited only by your imagination: reward the user for leaving a comment, offer expensive gifts and so on. Just remember that your goal is to offer interactive experience – an ephemeral campaign and quick bribes will create nothing but a soapbubble.

There is no need in describing the power of testimonials: a good piece may even outperform a significant PR effort. The word of mouth works like clockwork, you will just have to set the tone and encourage your customers to spread a word about you.

Offer overlays

Adding an offer wall to your armory is a nice decision to convert your traffic wisely. Basically, it’s about driving leads to a landing page equipped with true to type CPA network mechanisms. The unique shtick of overlaying consists in its wide applicability, as there are plenty of adaptation variants.

Long term prospects

The success of the method directly depends on the degree of understanding of how the model functions by both parties. Therefore, advertisers tend to believe that incentive traffic generates leads at a lower price, but these leads should be considered in projection on their essence channels. Some global average statistical data simply doesn’t exist, and if it does, it is pretty far from reflecting the actual state of affairs. Much depends on the niche, type of offer, specificity of business and dozens of consequences, which must be thoroughly examined and discussed before signing a contract.

Therefore, you may want to consider overlaying a resource with nutty content if the offer implies a subscription or flat rate, but leaves much to be desired in getting traction. Thus, you can pave the way to win-win cooperation: the visitor is granted an access to the portal, while the business gets a lead.

Content locking demonstrates higher efficiency rate in comparison with traditional traffic sources if a product or service delivered to the customer represents higher value. That’s the reason for pricing to be matched and nine times out of ten a nice percentage lower comparing to non-incentivized traffic payouts. The technique requires thorough IP and statistics monitoring to protect your efforts from fraud (god save you from a legion of ‘customers’ from Far-Far Away states and pseudo-magnificent conversion rates).

CPA Network transparency = profit

Doubtlessly, the interest in incent traffic becomes more legitimate in the minds of webmasters, marketers and business owners; however, the way to success still lies through fair and diligent cooperation. Being transparent is crucial for advertisers (the more details and demands revealed the better) and traffic suppliers (if the fraud is detected, the trust level will fall to zero). Typically, an establishment that positions itself as high quality performance betwork & monetization tools concentrates its effort on building reputation, hiring savvy personal managers and assisting its partners with any issues.