Content Locking Guide: 10 Ways to Boost Up Your Income


Mgcash link locker is an extremely efficient money earning tool, used by a multitude of successful bloggers, merchants, website owners and common internet surfers. It is highly likely that you’ve already managed to visit a number websites that require some survey or application submission for an access to the desired piece of content.

Taking into consideration an extensive range of content monetization strategies and methods, content locking is undoubtedly a proven and rational path to take. Do you have some juicy stuff that you feel people will spend an extra minute to grant access to? I bet you do, so we are about to dive into the ins and outs of content monetization. Fasten your seat belts, review 10 killing recommendations on how to make more cash.


1. The Freemium Monetization

Do you have eBooks, research articles or some other nutty digital content? Did you manage to distribute these precious megabytes on a paid basis and failed to monetize the stuff? No panic, Mgcash has always something for everyone to offer. The latter-day circs and trends dictate their own rules: paid content is no longer the only effective digital content monetization method to take advantage of. Show that you care about your audience – provide your visitors with free content, locked by the Mgcash tool. Once you setup the locking system your visitors will have to take an extra step to get the sought-after content. Each time a visitor submits a sponsored application, you will make some cash.


2. Answer Posting

Another totally efficient content monetization model to pick up is answers posting, also considered to be one of the most profitable techniques. Review the steps below to know how to make it work for you.

Let’s explore the Yahoo opportunity. All you need to do is to find as many requests on some free content as possible. People post hundreds of “where can I find this thing for free” questions on a daily basis, so you are about to kill two birds with one stone. Carry out a quick investigation on the topic and find the item the user is looking for (actually, it is oftentimes a matter of laziness rather than the absence of this or that movie or flash game on the web). Copy the link of the file you’ve acquired and lock it with Mgcash Link Locker to generate income. Post the locked link directly into the topic, remove http prefix and let the people know that the link may require passing additional steps. Repeat the action as many times as you see fit.

3. Video Monetization Youtube

There is no need in threading your way through the jungles of info on how to get a youtube video approved for monetization. Mgcash offers to make use of smart and proven content locking ideas: upload your video and split it into several parts. Share the first part of the video with the world and make the rest parts are private. Copy the links to theese videos and lock them with our finest Content Locker. Now add the locked links to the description – the visitors will submit the sponsored surveys to watch the captivating video you’ve uploaded till the end, boosting your earnings each time the form is filled-in.

5. Monetizing Your Talents

Nowadays, internet grants an exceptional opportunity to monetize any talent with the only requirement that you’ll have to be a true rock star in what you are doing. Aspiring musicians, singers, writers, parkour athletes and represent the long list of talents to monetize. In a struggle for popularity, why not give a content locking gateway a try? The fact should be underlined that a bunch of Mgcash users have already come off with flying colors, sharing their exclusive stuff with the world for free and earning money.


6. Hot Files Sharing

Another method on our content locking guide list is as easy as a walk in the park: find some hot file (celebrity interview, rare live performance, fascinating wallpaper collection and etc.) and promote it wherever you like. You may want to upload the delicious piece of exclusiveness to some file sharing platform and lock the tasty fruit via Mgcash content locking network. Use social networks, forums, chats and boards to drive more revenue, as the more people submits a sponsored form the more money you will get!


7. Twitter Monetization

Those who run Twitter accounts are welcome to make money with content as well. Even though it is highly likely that using the method is a potentially time-consuming affair, underestimating the unlimited power of one of the most dynamically developing services on the globe is simply ridiculous. First and the foremost, you’ll need to choose some popular and suggestive topic to convert your tweets into cash. Your primary objective would be gathering as many followers interested in a particular field as possible. For example, you may want to join NHL community and follow theme-related pages. Launch a content monetization campaign as soon as you gain enough followers. Do your best to find some content that NHL fans would definitely appreciate. Lock the link to the source file using Mgcash content locking wizard and insert the locked links your feeds. Ideally, a typical feed should be: “New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals HD Highlights is a few clicks away”.

We are almost sure you’ve not only got the whole idea, but hope you’ll give it a try on a variety of platforms.


8. Facebook Fanpage Method

Undoubtedly, digital content monetization models are considered to be chameleonic entities subjected to regular adjustments and improvements. The success much depends on your creative thinking ability, since content locking includes no rigid rules or borders. Facebook hosts an outstanding number of fanpages represented by millions of subscribers. Deriving benefits from providing valuable stuff to the group members is a double pleasure. So here is the deal: scan the network for mainstream fields and pick up a couple of directions, then surf the web for mouth-watering resources that will make the fans squeal with delight. Here is the process in a nutshell: join a trendy fashion community and search out a bunch of discount coupon codes. The idea is still simple: make use of our cpa content locking network that gives a stunning chance to lock the links to the discovered files and earn your money! Share the posts within the community to encourage as many fans as possible. Definitely, a message of “Get your Lacoste 30% discount for a quick survey” will attract the attention of thousands who keep up with the latest trends.


9. Forum Posting

Doubtlessly, you’ll find tons of forums related to a particular subject. Such portals provide a vast range of opportunities, since a typical audience’s representatives are constantly searching for some info.

Websites’ locos oftentimes need assistance in:

– Finding a free movie

– Finding a live broadcast of some sport event or competition

– Finding any free staff related to the subject

– Finding a discount or coupon code


Now it’s your turn to make some money for your priceless help. Online broadcasts and streaming deserve special attention, as these types of content are extremely valued by engaged visitors. It’s a common fact that NBA and NFL matches attract the attention of crazy amounts viewers around the globe. Our top content locking network suggests taking a piece of the yummy pie. Find a link to some live epic battle and let people know about a charming opening to watch the titans’ showdown. Taking into account that a highly anticipated boxing duel or an average UEFA Champions League match is capable of attracting 30-40k viewers, it becomes pretty clear that even a tiny part of these people will submit a sponsored form to get the that access by any means. Definitely, this method is a no match to flash game monetization model, yet it demands pretty much time to prepare for a money earning crusade thoroughly.

Note: avoid posting unwanted spam or trashing the pages with numerous messages, you should always stick to the rules of this or that website.


10. Partial Uploads

This content monetization technique implies splitting your files into several parts and works best with eBooks, researches, reviews and etc. This is the how it works: upload the first part of a novel to some website leaving the first chapter only. Paste an Mgcash locked link in the end of the chapter: now when the reader has done with the first section, he or she is highly likely to take a minute for a sponsored form or survey submission.


This is it. Simple and easy. Take your chance to earn considerable amounts of money on a regular basis. Our finest content monetization platform is ready to serve you, 24 hours and 7 days a week. Get started right away!