New Banner Rotator Tool from Mgcash Media!

Dear Money Makers,

Mgcash Media is proud to announce a release of our span-new Banner Rotator instrument to boost up your marketing efficiency.

We are very excited about this rotator and the publishers I have shown so far seem excited about it too. We have put a lot of effort in the development of the tool to make sure the publishers appreciate and love it. Mentioned below are the Banner Rotator’s core features:

Rotation page: our smart tool allows setting one of 2 modes; the first one changes a banner image automatically if a visitor doesn’t click on it within the period you set. Therefore, it increases the banner’s chances of being clicked, plus you will easily define the most popular banner images banners. The second mode activates rotation if the page is refreshed.

Geotargeted banners: a clever rotator displays banners that allow traffic from a user’s region only.

Banner optimization: the tool is designed to rotate the top banners automatically regardless of any parameters (such as keyword, vertical and etc.). Our rich banner collection that is going to be constantly updated includes a multitude of banners to offer. Setting up our Banner Rotator is all about copy-pasting a single line of code – as easy as a walk in the park

In addition, we are planning a thorough integration with the entire Mgcash environment in the nearest future. Hope you enjoy our Banner Rotator and start driving more revenue with us.

Looking forward to getting your comments and feel free to ask any questions!