The Basics of Content Locking

Dear friends, we are glad to announce our first sterling blog post. Today we’ll cover the basic aspects of content locking, so here we go.

Taking advantage of setting up Mgcash content locking software is a quick and proven way to press for a significant increase in revenue from your traffic. This latter-day monetization instrument is gaining momentum for a good bunch of solid reasons:

– Simple and easy installation within seconds
– No acute needs in constant maintenance
– High productivity and efficiency in income generation

Indubitably, the profitable technology is about to acquire a mainstream status, as the World Wide Web community grasps the whole picture of benefits to derive from the brand new monetization technique. Please, don’t tell me you thought locking unique content is about movies, eBooks or educational video courses only… Oh boy, if so, I guess it’s a perfect time to take a couple of minutes for a brief enlightenment excursion in digital content monetization models.

Let us dedicate a few paragraphs to the basic concepts of content locking. Mentioned belowis the list of content types to lock and make extra cash from.

Coupons or coupon codes

A juicy discount on Trendy Nike Blazers or McAfee annual subscription plan always looks delicious. Locking coupon or discount stuff is definitely a way to go.

Dashboard widgets/themes

Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal… I bet lots of Mgcash customers adore these platforms because locking highly demanded themes, widgets, tools and various extras is a stunning method of money earning.

Instructional videos and guides

Classics of the genre: people are always hunting on rare and valuable instructions, guides and manuals. Video monetization oftentimes generates a lion’s share of website’s income.

Virtual worlds (items/currency)

An opportunity to acquire extra bonuses and/or items as an alternative to purchasing the identical goods is usually highly appreciated by both game gurus and amateurs. Why don’t you give flash game monetization a try?

Blog posts

Bitcoin finance market analysis, exclusive celebrity interviews or betting previews –locking these precious materials should definitely contribute to an increase in your monthly income.

Podcasts and Webinars

It is not an easy job to get a rare radio show or interview with some top manager or business owner. Don’t miss you chance to monetize this type of content.

Web hosting

Novice bloggers are likely to pave the way from taking advantage of using affordable services. Granting access to a trial web hosting or storage service in exchange for a submitted application form seems to be fair enough.

House plans

Vast groups of people prefer ready house plans to hiring an interior designer. Give these individuals an exceptional chance to save money. Undoubtedly, they would be happy to click on banner ads and check a sponsored offer.

Music tabs

It is time to think over a strategy of conquering a music players segment: sharing underground bands’ or Billboard’s Hot 100 tabs is definitely a nice content monetization pathway to take.

File conversion sites (doc/docx, PDF)

An acute need for an instant file conversion will nine times out of ten encourage your visitors to submit a sponsored application or survey: a pure win-win experience in its perfect form.


Getting an actual copy of some request form or legal document oftentimes turns into a sophisticated challenge. Lock your stock of whitepapers to convert megabytes into dollars – make use of our content monetization platform.


Devoted fans are ready to go through 9 circles of hell to hook an HD quality wallpaper of Angelina Jolie or Christiano Ronaldo. Lock it and earn money. Just make sure your icon sets, images, fonts and other stuff is locked as well.

eHow-type articles and professional guides

The latest advances of technology always come with the detailed manuals and instructions. However, a video card manufacturer will hardly attach a step by step guide on its adapter’s overclocking. That’s it, ‘how to’ articles are mostly too valuable to be unlocked.

Browser add-ons

Complementing a favorite Chrome, Mozilla or Safari browser with a pack of handy add-ons is carried out by multitudes of internet users on a daily basis. Derive your benefits from locking browser add-ons.

Royalty free sounds

Aspiring musicians obsessed by the passion for creating stylish beats and samples are always ready for a quick submission to get the desired set of sounds. Just make it work for you.


Grant a brilliant opportunity for online shoppers to enjoy a discount or free shipping; be sure that a better part of your audience will press for acquiring a download link. Actually, there is no need in arguing on completeness of the list as the initial intent was to give a bunch of decent content locking examples bringing real cash. Take your time to study the options carefully, as it is highly likely you’ll give birth to a dozen of content locking ideas.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more nutty posts in the nearest future.