Boost Your Income with an Outstanding Flash Locker


Digital content monetization gains momentum: a burst of activity impacts on mentality of an average internet money maker dramatically. Tough times require drastic measures, so keeping up with trends is totally crucial to guarantee constant increase in monthly and annual profits.

Mgcash media offers a nice opportunity to derive more benefits from your website’s traffic.
Indubitably, the right time to monetize flash content has come – paving a way towards generous revenues from flash games, apps and video players is available to everyone. With our magnificent Flash Locker you’ll be able to earn more money by locking your entire website’s flash stuff. In terms of global content monetization taking advantage of locking your juicy and valuable content seems to be obligatory to survive in a rigid web world. Mgcash Flash Locker represents a smart and thought-out solution to setup a powerful flash monetization machine.

How it works:

1. Create an account on

Absolutely free, we neither request any participation fees, nor offer monthly or annual subscription plans.

2. Choose a necessary method

Our content locking widget offers 2 ads options to choose from: Pre-Loader and Flash API. Pre-Loader is a simple and clever option that allows a super-quick setup within seconds, while Flash API demands insertion of 1 line of code, providing you with slightly extended functionality.

3. Get your cash!

Now sponsored ad blocks will be displayed to your visitors, offering to make a small payment via SMS or submit a form/complete a survey to unlock flash content.

Why Mgcash Network?

Our platform is appreciated by a vast legion of bloggers, website owners and common users for simple, efficient and always ready for prime time solutions. A snap to use Flash Locker grants an opportunity to earn up to 10 times more in comparison with latter-day CPM instruments. Got stuck with traditional CPM solutions? Why use ancient and outdated techniques? Make money with content like a pro with our advanced flash locking tool.

We deliver thousands of leads to our advertising and marketing partners with a permanent goal to increase the volumes, ensuring a win-win cooperation. With Mgcash Flash Locker you earn money each time a visitor makes a decision to proceed to unlocking. In addition, our SMS service covers 75 countries to maximize your profit.

Pressing for the peak monetization, you are welcome to monetize YouTube videos embedded in your website. Another far-famed flash content locking direction is monetizing flash games – traditionally valuable stuff for any lively community.
Spread a word about your stunning website to up to 80% of global entertainment communities and deliver the totally efficient campaigns to earn considerable amounts of money.

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