Advanced Virtual Goods Monetization Method

A vast number of authoritative worldwide web representatives convey the idea that each piece of valuable content is needed to be paid for. On the one hand such point of view is fair enough, as authors overwhelmingly need financial benefits for absolutely different purposes: some collect money to burst out with more popular stuff, others consider profit to be a measuring system of success. But on the other hand, such attitude cuts out a vast group of potential customers as oftentimes people simply cannot afford paid entertainment. So is there some effective digital content monetization method available?

Brainstorming the issue

Our primary mission consists in finding an efficient way to satisfy the group of customers willing to play your game for free. Definitely, launching a decent monetization is an integral part of the mission, so at first glance it seems that we are about to face a tough challenge. No way we are gonna spend precious hours of time on ‘clinical’ researches and tests! Mgcash media offers an innovative tool for monetizing content: take advantage of using our Virtual Currency Widget to earn real cash. Set the incredible pace for your monthly income: with such a brilliant content monetization instrument you will be able to kill two birds with one

Resolving customers’ issues

As mentioned, lots of customers are not willing to spend their hard earned money for purchasing virtual goods in your game. So why not grant them a nice alternative to paying for extra stuff? Our content locking widget offers to submit a quick survey or fill in an application form provided by marketing partners in order to unlock exclusive in-game goods: artifacts, special items and even more stuff. Indubitably, a considerable part of avid gamers will gladly agree to take an extra step for a generous reward.

How it works?

Let’s imagine that you have published a killing web game on your website; now you are looking forward to make money with content. Virtual Currency Widget by mgcash network gives a unique chance to generate cash from in-game goods: provide your players with an ability to acquire a special item or extra in-game money to earn more.


Take 3 easy steps to boost up your income:

1. Create an absolutely free account on

2. Setup your Virtual Currency Widget campaign

3. Get your cash!

Now when the campaign is ready to go your visitors will have to take a quick extra step to get some exclusive in-game bonus. Each time a sponsored survey or application is completed, you earn real cash!