A Smart Way to Earn Money with Music Online

Indubitably, there is certainly some truth in the opinion that modern music has partially lost its basic uniqueness with a rapid development of a global network. As a matter of fact, do you remember how many challenges had a rock music fan or a hip-hop addict to take in the oldschool 90’s?


Doubtlessly, a compact disc revolution inaugurated a golden age of music, turning a rare EP into a relic and a massive live show into an ecstatic musical feast. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, music has transformed into a multi-billion industry with an access to the most delicious dishes only 2-3 clicks away. Nothing stands still: thus, you either accept a new milestone of music development or stay true to the core. In either event, the global tendencies affect your tastes and partially define your behavior.


Pave your way towards fame and glory

Even the most respectable artists and musicians from the old days admit that the golden age provided aspiring talents with a brilliant opportunity to blaze a trail to glory with determination, strong will and decent skills. Unfortunately, the latter day industry adheres to different rules: in this way, investing considerable amounts of money in making your music popular and demanded is almost obligatory.


However, even extremely gifted aspiring bands and musicians oftentimes face rigid reality of insufficiency of funds for promotion, high-end quality recording or buying decent gear. Sadly, the scene loses too many talented bands and individuals who make their mind to quit music for financial reasons.

An exceptional chance to break the ice

Mgcash is no longer going to keep out from the situation. Unfortunately, we understand that we’ll hardly be able to invent a time machine in order to escape back to the old days; however, we promise to do our best to support aspiring musicians and artists. Our experienced developers have put a lot of effort into finding the ways of encouraging musicians to go ahead with their oeuvre. With our magnificent Audio Locker you acquire an additional essence of income to at least keep afloat.


Why Mgcash Audio Locker?

Sell your music directly to your fans! With Mgcash Audio Locker you can sell your music directly to your fans. This music content monetization method allows building-in an audio player in Facebook and lots of other far-famed social networks, personal websites and blogs. All you need to do is to upload your music, build-in a player and enjoy an easy way to make money from music.


This is how it works: each time a visitor intends to get a song or an album he or she will have to submit a sponsored application or send an SMS to complete a payment. Good news, guys: you earn money each time the mentioned above action happens. Simple, easy, brilliant!


Free installation

You won’t have to pay for using an Mgcash content locking solution: it costs you no single dollar but easily generates solid income. The fans won’t have to pay any extra commissions if they want to buy your stuff.


A feeling of empowerment

An ability to promote your music band through social networks and an unlimited number of websites allows rapid popularity growth. A stylish and snap to use widget is something that true music lovers will definitely appreciate. Not only you earn money to support your project, but also acquire additional resources to let people spread a good word about your music!


Take 3 easy steps to make money from music

1. Create a free account on Mgcash.com

2. Upload your music

3. Embed a player wherever you like and get your cash!


Nearest future plans

The next step of our breakthrough strategy implies creation of an advanced service to distribute your stuff. We are planning to launch a website so you’ll be able to create your profile or a profile of your band. Mgcash plans to create an extensive platform to host thousands of talented musicians, providing a stunning chance to earn even more money. We’ll allow uploading your songs and videos, powered by sponsored advertisements to allow generating more income.

Don’t miss a spectacular chance to make your way to the top of the musical Olympus! Join our community right away to earn money with your music online and stay tuned for the upcoming updates!