Driving Traffic to Cpa Offers with BingAds.

Top tips on getting the cheapest Bing PPC traffic

Bing is one of the leading search engines released by Microsoft. Currently, Bing is ranked 2nd on the list of the most popular search websites by the amount of traffic volume. Many users adore the following advantages of the search engine. It is a review of the search results on one page (instead of scrolling through multiple pages of search results), as well as dynamically adjusting the amount of information displayed for each search result, built-in word search in Microsoft Word, etc.

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What is a Link locker?

Earn Money with Your Links

How do you make money locking links? What does a link locker do and how does it work?  These are great questions and we are here to answer them for you.

Link Locking is a simple and effective form of content locking. Link locking affiliates need only find interesting content  that they feel others may want access to. No one will be able to access your link until they make you money. Our link lockers are self hosted so you don’t need to have a webserver or domain of any type!


Mgcash has created a Revolutionary Link Locker that can be used to protect your downloads, files, links, products, apps, and any other content you have available. They do surveys, you earn $$$ and the content unlocks! Earn money from eve Read More...

How to Monetize Your Unused Parked Domains with Mgcash Media

It’s an inevitable fact that at some point in your internet marketing career, you’re going to amass a whole bunch of domains that will simply sit idle with no content on them while you figure out what to do with them. The way to avoid that is by not purchasing domains until you actually have a plan for them but in case that ship has already sailed and you find yourself wondering what to do with all the domains you have parked in your hosting account, you’ll be glad to know that you can make a pretty decent amount of money off them with two handy tools from Mgcash Media: Super URL and Display Ads Read More...

Make $2,000 a Month with Content Locking

The average affiliate at MGCash.com, with a decent amount of traffic, earns $2,000 a month by simply utilizing our content locking tool. In fact, the top affiliates who utilize this particular tool take home between $10,000 to $20,000 a month, every single month. It’s no wonder then that our content locking section is what most affiliates drift to in their search for a content locking CPA network.

Content locking, in case you’re new to it, is a powerful revenue generating technique that acts as a gate keeper to your premium content. It’s hands down the best way to monetize a webs Read More...

Why Mgcash is One of the Top 10 Affiliate Networks of 2016

When studying affiliate marketing trends for 2016, the one question that most affiliate marketers seek to answer is what the top 10 affiliate networks are for 2016. The answer varies from content creator to creator but here’s why Mgcash is without a single doubt one of the best affiliate marketing programs of the year and why it should definitely be part of your revenue portfolio.

Mgcash.com has an arsenal of highly innovative marketing tools that webmasters can use to effectively monetize their web and mobile traffic. These tools include but aren’t limited to the content locker which is completely customizabl Read More...

How to Monetize Pinterest with MGCash

 Monetize Pinterest

So you’ve set up your Pinterest page, amassed a huge number of followers and set up a whole bunch of attractive boards that get repinned a lot but you’re still not making a single cent off your traffic and you want to change that ASAP. The good news is that it’s possible to monetize your Pinterest traffic despite the current ban on all affiliate links by Pinterest. We here at Mgcash.com have the perfect tools you can utilize to make money on Pinterest while still delivering good quality content to your fans. These tools include the content locker, the link locker, the URL shrinker and the Read More...



The dilemma facing most content creators is how to turn clicks into cash. They want to stay authentic in their content delivery but also make money without bombarding their audience with an avalanche of ads that may turn them off. Walking that fine line often means loss of income to some but not to the savvy content creators who have discovered Mgcash.com’s URL Shrinker. This is hands down the single best tool to utilize if you want to make some extra money from your links.

For starters the URL Shrinker is a very simple and straight Read More...

Instagress Automation Software to Flood Your Prelanders with More Instagram Traffic

Automate Your Instagram Activity
Social networks serve one of the most reliable ways to promote various CPA offers. The vast majority of Mgcash affiliates defer to it and, fortunately, they succeed enormously. There are several reasons why this simple marketing tactic is so appreciated and convenient; specifically an easy access and simplicity of social networks use, not to mention a multitude of built-in features that entirely utilize their marketing potential. Previously we have discussed the advantages of Instagram Shoutouts that help promote various Mgcash CPA offers, including feebies, pin submits , mobile apps and games. This time, we would like to present auto Read More...

How to Monetize Video Downloader Websites


Nowadays monetizing websites has become a popular option to get profit and benefit from the whole Internet-related business. If you are an owner of a video downloader website, software or online service developer, affiliate, read further to see what technique can be used for successful and fast monetization.

There are actually many ways to monetize websites, however, being a wise and experienced site-owner, you need to use the most tested and effective one. Mgcash Med Read More...

Facebook Traffic Monetization Reasons and Strategies



If you want to achieve success, think about testing effective and beneficial Facebook traffic monetization strategies. It’s the largest website and the biggest social network in the world with around 1 billion users. You may have a basic idea of what to do to monetize your site, but there are many innovative ways that can help you improve your Facebook traffic monetization efforts, and we are here to assist you in getting the most out of them.

Top Reasons to Choose Content Locking

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